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Get Moving. Stay Healthy
Contrary to popular belief, the COUCH IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Reasonable activity is. Here are few tips to help your heart get pumping the right way.

Steady Wins the Race! You may have been a master crammer in school, but that doesn't work for your body. Working out hard on Saturday does not make up for being inactive all week, all month or all year. When it comes to exercise, there's no such thing as making up for lost time. In fact, trying to do so may be dangerous. A daily, steady exercise program will do you and your heart a world of good.

It's Okay to Ask for Directions! Not knowing how many reps to do or even how to use certain pieces of exercise equipment is no reason not to exercise. Just ask. Many gyms offer, as a part of their introductory program, a customized program for your needs. Take them up on it.

Track Your Success the Right Way! Many people try to use their daily weight as a measure of success. This can be discouraging and misleading, as body weight can fluctuate for a variety of reasons. Instead, keep track of how many minutes you've exercised each day, how many repetitions you've performed and on which machines. These are the numbers that you have direct control over and the accomplishments that will do you the most good.

Have Fun! Exercise does not have to be unpleasant to be beneficial. If you enjoy walking, swimming or cycling or some other sustained activity, go for it. Even setting up a treadmill in front of a TV set can do you a world of good, if you put in at least 30 minutes a day. Unfortunately, driving your golf card from tee to tee does not count.

Dress the Part. Wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing that's appropriate for the weather or other conditions is important. Breaking a sweat is important, but the goal is to improve your cardiovascular health. So don't dress too warmly just to sweat some weight off. You'll only be fooling the scale and yourself.